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Luminescence™ LED Therapy Device



The  Luminescence™ LED Therapy Device is one of the most effective & latest breakthroughs in skin care, treating a wide variety of skin ailments. 

There are 3 different color LED Lights built into the mask, each color treating different skin conditions from  wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, eczema & more!


The  LED Light Therapy technology uses in the Luminescence™ LED Therapy Device is the same LED technology used by NASA to aid plant growth and has been shown to have a wide variety of applications!

Backed by more than a decade worth of scientific research. Spas everywhere have started using  LED Light Therapy in the recent years due to its extreme effectiveness and the results have been amazing!

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Personalized Skin Care Routine

Skin care products can be confusing! There are so many different creams and topical treatments to choose from - a lot of which can be damaging to the skin, making problems even worse than before! 

This makes it really difficult to go out and find treatments that are right for you. With our device, this isn't an issue. Simply choose the  LED color (s) that best suit your needs and use it for the recommended 5-10 minutes per day

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Perfect For Sensitive Skin

Each of the different  LED Lights can have their energy output adjusted to accommodate to your skin's sensitivity level.

When it comes to traditional skin care methods, it can be fairly difficult for those with sensitive skin to find a treatment that doesn't dry of irritate their skin. 

Our  LED Therapy Device, even at max settings is 100% safe with  NO UV RADIATION and cannot harm or damage the skin. 

LED Light Therapy uses wavelengths of visible light that have specific skin benefits. As a result of aging, skin disorders, or trauma, healthy skin cells are compromised and  unable to renew themselves normally. 

The skin uses the light as a source of energy to fuel the repair and rejuvenation of damaged cells, or in the case of treating acne, kill bacteria.

The energy stimulates the production of  collagen and elastin, boosts circulation, and accelerates tissue repair. 

When used consistently, over time,  LED Lights are able to penetrate your skin at different depths and cause various reactions in the skin, such as  fighting acne-causing bacteria, plumping the skin, and reducing wrinkles. 

The  Luminescence™ LED Therapy Device offers corrective and long-lasting results, although you'll be able to see a difference after the first session. You will notice incredible differences after a few weeks of consistent sessions.

RED LIGHT (630nm): 
Promotes Anti-Aging, promotes collagen, tightens loose skin, increases elasticity, revitalizes cells, improves blood circulation, reduces wrinkles

BLUE LIGHT (415nm):
Sterilizes Acne-production bacteria, shrinks sebaceous glands, reduces inflammation and scarring, promotes oxygen. tightens loose skin and reduces oiliness. 

Green Light (525nm):
Reduces Hyper-pigmentation, balances oily skin, relieves mental stress, promotes lymphatic drainage, and releases serotonin (the happy hormone!)


✅ 1x LED Therapy Device
✅ 1x USB cable
✅ 1x Double-faced velvet cleaning cloth
✅ 1x User Manual

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