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Who Else Wants On-the-go Makeup Tips?

February 07, 2020

Who Else Wants On-the-go Makeup Tips?

Whether you’re looking to jet across the globe or you’re simply on the way to work, every gal could use an extra on-the-go makeup tip! It’s difficult to look your best when you don’t have the luxury of your full-length mirror and excellent lighting. 

While it may be a challenge, it’s certainly not impossible. I believe in your craftiness, girl!  In the beauty world, we have a few dos and don’ts, so let’s get right into it.

Ladies, you’re
flawless and fierce , despite your circumstances.

Carry Supplies

There are a few necessary items to pack in your purse. On the one hand you don’t want to feel like you’re lugging around a load of bricks, but on the other hand, you want to be prepared! Figuring out that delicate balance is up to you, as it will vary from person to person.

I recommend carrying around a pack of wipes, hand sanitizer, Chapstick, hand lotion, hair bands, and a nail file. For those of you who are traveling by plane, make sure your liquids are less than 100 ML.  If your lips are chapped or your hair keeps flying in your face, you’ll be one step ahead of the game!

Anticipate what you might want if you’re around town all day and then stow it in your handbag. 

My Mirror Broke! 

Uh-Oh! If you find yourself without a mirror, but you desperately want to apply some foundation to absorb excess oil, don’t panic. You can use your fingers… It’s the oldest trick in the bag.

If makeup tools didn’t exist, what would you use? That’s what I thought. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s so unsanitary!” You should sanitize your hands beforehand so you don’t get even more grime on your face. If you’re unable to sanitize, the choice is yours.

As long as you’re not using your fingers as make-up tools on a consistent basis and you wash your face in the evening, you’ll probably be okay!

Never Apply Mascara in the Car

Applying makeup while driving is illegal and dangerous. Trust me, my friends have gotten tickets. On the other hand, if you’re a passenger, you might be tempted. I’m telling you right now to resist the urge to do your makeup in the car.

You might be thinking, “We’re on the highway and it’s smooth, so I’ll go ahead and do my make-up now.” Nope! You never know when traffic will come to an abrupt stop. You could hurt yourself. Plus, it’s really difficult to do a good job. I find that I’m constantly having to wipe off smudges.

It’s better to rock a bare face than to do a sloppy makeup job.


Ladies, I know you’re a talented and resourceful, so now it’s time to prove it! If you’re put in the unfortunate situation of being on-the-go and not having many makeup supplies, keep on reading.

Use your credit card for the cat-eye liner effect! It’s tricky, but your card will give you that desired angle. If you see a bunch of oil on your face, go to the public bathroom and grab the toilet seat cover. Rip off a portion and use it to dab up the oil. If you have access to baby powder, you can use that in your hair to remove the grease. If not, maybe you can search high and low for honey (try a gas station or a Starbucks.) Mix a few drops of water with a little bit of honey and apply it to your oily roots. This beauty hack has had lots of success! If you find that your lips are getting chapped, put some honey and cucumbers on them.

Once you get more comfortable with these beauty hacks, you’ll tell all your friends about them. They’ll be impressed by your craftiness!


Next time you find yourself in a bind, try out a few of these on-the-go makeup tips! Let me know how they work out for you in the comments below. Looking effortless and exquisite never felt so good.

Don’t hide your gorgeous face just because you find yourself without all of your supplies. You’ve got to stay calm and collected. You’ve got to dig deep. Try to view this whole situation as a fun challenge.

How can I look my best when I’m traveling? Remember, never apply mascara in the car, carry a few items on your person, and look at your available resources and your fingers if you’re in a pinch. I hope these tips help you achieve a gorgeous on-the-go look! 

Annie Foley

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