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Never Suffer From Low Confidence Again

February 21, 2020

Never Suffer From Low Confidence Again

Self confidence is like a muscle- the more you build it up, the more it grows. Today, I'm going to talk about ways to boost your self-esteem.

Sure, we all feel down on ourselves from time to time, but if you have a few tools in your back pocket, you'll be able to pull yourself together. Don't suffer from a perpetual lack of confidence- get back to being your rockstar self! 

When you believe in yourself, you'll realize that you're capable of anything. 

Challenge the Critics 

Whenever you have a negative thought about yourself, challenge it. Your inner critic can be your worst enemy. There are a few cognitive distortions that can be detrimental to your self-esteem.

Guess what? Just because you have a thought, doesn't mean it's valid or true. These cognitive errors can keep us from living up to our fullest potential. Not only that, but sometimes the digging remarks of others can deeply affect us.

Whether it's your own mind or others, you've got to develop a thick skin! Don't internalize the nasty comments. I know words can hurt, but try to let snide comments roll off of your back as best you can.

Talk back. "No, actually, I'm pretty awesome. Just because I'm not the same as you doesn't mean I don't have a lot to offer this world." Boom! Drop the mic and skedaddle. 

Positive Self Image

Try to form a positive self image. Go in front of your mirror and say a few positive affirmations such as, " I am worthy. I am capable. I am beautiful. I am enough. I deserve good things in this life."

Write down all of your strengths and a recent time that you displayed it. If creativity is your cardinal trait, write about it. Maybe you're a tech-whiz or a soccer pro.  When you write about your talents, skill, and strengths you're self-esteem will soar.

Think about all of the people who have influenced this world in a positive way. Were they "normal" or did they go against the grain a bit? Some of the most incredible artists, entrepreneurs, and inventors have been made fun of by society.

Have you ever heard of the psychological concept called "optimal-distinctiveness?" As humans, we want to fit and belong, but we also want to be different. Maybe you're a little weird, that's okay! When you embrace your uniqueness, you'll feel much more confident about yourself. 

Self Care

When you neglect to care about your self, you'll feel awful! Don't forget to take a few moments for yourself once in awhile. If you're working ten hours per day, it can be tough to find time to enjoy life. Between your family, cooking meals, and your long commute, you feel like you don't get enough Me Time.

You've got to take the initiative to carve it out. What is the point of life if you never do anything enjoyable? If you wake up every day and just go through the motions of life - eat, sleep, rinse, repeat, you're priming yourself for dis-ease (the opposite of well-being.)

This is a recipe for depression and illness. What are a few ways that you can flourish? How can you find your flow? What are some ways to live a live of wellness and joy? Making the time to get out there and do what you love will elevate your self-esteem. 


At the risk of sounding vain, your appearance matters. I hope I'm not the first one to tell you that! Even if you've done the mental work to have a positive self image, what about your actual image?

Personal maintenance, basic hygiene, and upkeep will surely boost your confidence. How do you think others will perceive you when you wear your pajamas to work, don't brush your teeth, have greasy hair, etc.

Instead of doing the bare minimum, let's talk about ways to look your best! Ladies, I'm talking about make-up, glamor, and fashion. For the male readers, let's talk about neat trims, style, and smelling fresh. I want you to look in the mirror and think, "Wow, I look like a catch!"

Remember, arrogance and entitlement is not the goal. Confidence is what you covet; conceit will thwart your success in life. You can be confident and humble. It's a delicate balance, but I know you're capable of finding it. Again, your appearance matters.

The next time you walk out the door, I want you to feel like the best version of yourself! 


Thank you for reading my post on ways to build your confidence. Once you achieve confidence, you've got to continue to practice it. Just like speaking a language, if you don't use it, you'll lose it.

The pillars of self-confidence are positivity, appearance, joy, and a strong belief in yourself. When you've set out the foundation of confidence, you can begin to build on it. Soon, you'll be able to reach the stars. I believe in you! Now, you've got to believe in yourself. 

Annie Foley

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