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How to Paint a Lampshade

January 28, 2020

How to Paint a Lampshade

Are you interested in crafty do-it-yourself home projects? Today, I am going to guide you through a specific activity- how to paint a lampshade.

A beautifully decorated and hand-crafted lamp shade can be the perfect accent to any room. Whether you’re going for a subtle hint or a bold statement, this project is for you. You could put in your child’s room, your office room, bedroom, or your living room. Your friends and family will love to look at your artwork.

I hope you have fun with this one! 

Step 1: Supplies 

Without the right supplies, you won’t get too far. First, decide what type of paint you want to use. Water color, spray paint, or fabric paint?

If you’re going with spray, simply purchase the canisters and get spraying. Painting, on the other hand, will require brushes and a pallette. Put paper towels on your shopping list as well. 

Step 2: Pick Out a Lampshade 

What type of lampshade strikes your fancy? Pick out a white, champagne, beige, or very light colored lampshade so you can really see the paint on top.

Patterns can give the look an extra dazzle, though a plain, classic look works as well. It just depends on the theme you’re going for. Imagine how the finished work will look in the chosen space.

Textures are trendy right now! 

Step 3: Prep the Lampshade 


Vacuum any dust off of the lampshade before you begin to paint. If you have dust or lint on the fabric, it will mix into the paint.

You don’t want a ruined, sloppy look. Depending on how flimsy the material is, a regular handheld vacuum may not work.

Look into dust extractors or dust rollers before you begin. 

Step 4: Paint! 


Finally, we get to the fun part! It’s time to paint. If you’re spray painting or using fabric paint, begin with darker colors first, let it dry, and then go over them with lighter colors.

Watercolors are unique. You’ll want to begin with lighter shades before blending darker in darker ones. Your paper towels may come in handy here. Put some water on the towel and wipe up any mistakes or smudges. 


You can really find your flow when you have a creative outlet such as this. Not only that, you can actually use and enjoy a lampshade.

It will brighten up your home! I hope that this step-by-step blog helps direct you. There’s not much to it: gather your painting supplies, pick out the lampshade, vacuum up the debris, and get painting.

This home-decor project will keep you engaged and content for hours. Enjoy! 


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