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5 Ways to Look Cute When You're in a Rush

May 12, 2020

5 Ways to Look Cute When You're in a Rush

Hey, Annie here. Today, let's talk about a handful of ways that you can look cute when you're in a rush. You may be thinking, "I'm not rushing around in quarantine!" It may feel like quarantine will last forever, but it won't. 

In certain cities, businesses, restaurants, and shops are slowly opening back up. Trust me, there will be a time when you're in a rush again, so we may as well discuss the topic. Hey, maybe you're even rushing around now- to the grocery store, for a Skype interview, a virtual date, to your parents house, who knows. It can never hurt to have a few style tips!  

1. Messy Bun

You wake up and realize that you've overslept. Instead of panicking about the fact that you won't be able to comb out your lion's mane, throw your hair into a messy bun. The messy bun is a classic yet effortless style that you can pull off anywhere. 

You've got to accept that you don't have time to brush out all of the knotted tangles. The polished look is not going to happen today. It can be nice to change up your style though, right? If you always wear it down, it's time to pull it back so everyone can see your gorgeous face! 

2. Pick Out Your Outfit the Night Before

This tip is as old as time. When you know you want to get a few extra zzzs, it may be nice to pre-plan your outfit. It takes time to figure out which blouse matches with which pair of pants. What will the weather be like- should I bring a sweater? Do I need a belt? 

You can save a ton of time if you try on an outfit the night before. When you're groggy, it may take twice as long. This way, you can have time for the important things - breakfast, coffee, showering, etc. 

3. Studded Earrings at Night

I don't know about you, but I spend way too long trying to pick out my accessories in the AM. Rather than try on all of your earrings in the morning, why not choose a pair to wear the night before? 

Word to the wise, make sure they're studs. That way you won't even notice them. If you know you'll be in a bit of a time crunch the following morning, pick out a pair of comfortable and chic studded earrings to wear at night. 

4. Curl Your Eyelashes

Mascara application can be messy and time-consuming. I make way more mistakes when I'm under a time constraint. I feel the pressure and my hand begins to wobble. Then, I have to wipe it off, start over, and try not to mess up again. 

Achieving big and bold lashes takes a few moments. If you don't have time to spare, try curling your eyelashes. That subtle lift can make all the difference. Trust me, people will notice that extra pop. Forget glueing on falsies, swiping the wand, or making sure you're clump-free. All you need is your trusty eyelash curler and you're good to go! 

5. Lip Gloss or Lipstick

There's never a good reason to leave your house with crusty, cracked, or dry lips. It only takes a few seconds to put on some gloss. The color and hydration will help your lips look beautiful, kissable, and luscious. 

Plus, they'll feel great. Pick out a color that suits you. It should make your features pop and compliment your skin tone, eye color, and face. You'll never look sloppy if you're wearing your favorite shade of lipstick. It's the best accessory to dress any outfit. 


It's been awhile, but I know that you remember those days when you had to rush around to get ready. Sometimes, you may be able to plan ahead, if you know your morning will be tight. Other times, it's an unfortunate surprise.

Either way, there are ways to stay stylish and cute. You know that you don't want to leave the house looking sloppy, but there's no time to get all dolled up. I hope these tips help you find a way to stay fashionable and effortless in just a few moments. I wish you all the best in achieving your signature style. 

Annie Foley

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