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4 Accessories You Can't Live Without

February 21, 2020

4 Accessories You Can't Live Without

When it comes to accessories, there are certain items that you simply cannot forgo. Some are functional, everyday accessories while some give you that extra flair.

Go the extra mile, turn heads, make bold and daring fashion moves. Let's talk about purses, headbands, belts, and jewelry. Whether you're packing your bags to travel across the world or packing your purse to spend the day with the boyfriend, don't forget to accessorize, ladies!

Scroll down to read my blog post on a few stylish, but necessary accessories. 

1. Chunky Boots

Sometimes you've got to make room in the suitcase for style. It's totally necessary, okay? Everyone is wearing chunky boots. They've got a bit of a heel, so they'll make you feel taller. What comes with that added height? Empowerment!

I've seen these boots on the streets of Manhattan, the Santa Cruz boardwalk, and my hometown of Cincinnati.  From the coasts to the midwest, you can't miss these chunky boots. 
At fist, I thought, "Maybe these are too clunky for me," but when I tried on a pair, I was sold.

Recently, I paired them with a miniskirt for a date night
. Or, when I want to dress them down, I wear them with jeans. They're so comfortable that I wear them everywhere- the grocery store, the park, a night out!  

Also, get this- you can wear these showstoppers in any season. 

2. Scarves

I don't care where you are- when the sun goes down it can get chilly. When that happens, you may want a scarf. Believe it or not, one of the coldest nights of my young life was in Orlando, Florida. (I lost my jacket.) Boy, did I wish I had a scarf that night...

Scarves give you a layer of warmth and a whole lot of style. This accessory is functional as well as fashionable. When it comes to cute scarves, you can't have too many.

There are infinity scarves, loud patterned scarves, blanket scarves, silk scarves, and pashminas. There's a different type of scarf for whatever mood you're feeling. Some people neglect scarves, but my closet is filled with them (and I live in California!)

Scarves are my bread and butter; they're comfortable and jazz up any outfit. 

3. Watches

No one can deny that watches are chic and absolutely necessary! Hello, you need to know what time it is, right? Whether you're into Apple watches, Rolex watches, sports watches, or slap watches, it pays to know what time it is when you're out and about.

Being late to an important meeting or even a night out with friends can irritate even the most patient person. In the words of Ayo & Teo, "
I just want some ice on my wrist so I look better when I dance." 

Watches are a true emblem of professionalism and high fashion. I never leave the house without my watch. It's velcro though, so I may need to update it! Some friends tell me its unique and hipster-esque while others want to vote me on to TLC's What Not to Wear.

Either way, watches are an essential accessory. 

4. The Work Satchel 

Let me offer a few wise words about purses. You need at least two handbags to address your different needs. You'll need a small one - carry only your wallet and phone in it - to bring to bars and restaurants. Toting around a ton of items on a long night out is...painful. By the end of the night, your back hurts from lugging around so much weight! No thanks.

While we all own a small handbag, many women forget that they also need a large work satchel. You need something to carry around notebooks, water bottles, books, and whatever else. This bag is made to fit everything.

Sure, a backpack may work, but you want to look stylish, don't you? You're not a kid shuffling to class, you're a fashion-minded women who wants to dress to impress. Carry your work satchel to the movie theatre, library, or office. You'll be thankful that you have a bag that fits all of your belongings! 


The next time you head out the door, you'll be looking fashionable in more ways than one. These items are practical and trendy.

You truly can't go wrong with these accessories. Everyone could use a cute watch, work satchel, scarf, and a pair of boots, right?

Girl, you deserve to accessorize. You'll look fresh to death and ooze with style! If you want to become a bold and beautiful trendsetter, I'm here to cheer you on. Thanks for reading my blog post! 

Annie Foley

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